Best CBD Vape Juice on Sale

If you are an avid vaper then you will be pleased to hear about the introduction of CBD vape juice and oil available to purchase online or in-store.

When searching for vape juice, it’s important to have some fundamentals which can help you buy a purchase the best vape juice available.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is an abbreviation gotten from the word Cannabidiol. The major source of Cannabidiol is through its extraction from marijuana. Considering the fact that planting and smoking marijuana is banned in many cities, it had made it difficult doing a lot of research in the past and taking advantage of its benefits.

In recent times, however, there is now increased acceptance of the plant and a lot of research is now going on the medical benefits of marijuana and CBD. One of the great products that have come out from the research is CBD Oil. The CBD oil is manufactured from CBD after it has been extracted from marijuana. CBD has been identified to be able to fight a number of conditions that were hitherto difficult to treat including digestive issues, mental imbalances, anxiety, and stress.

Benefits of using CBD vape juice?

There are many reported benefits of using CBD oil, whether it’s a topical oil or cream, or edible in your food. With growing usage of the ingredient, there are a number of research studies which are placing the emphasis on using CBD for specific purposes or ailments as reported below;

Helps in the Reduction of Inflammation

Considering the anti-inflammatory characteristics of the oil, it has the ability to solve several situations that result in inflammation and pain.

There have been numerous studies in 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2017. Medical News Today has done a good job on reporting the potential benefits and uses when it comes to inflammation.

Has the Ability to Help Neurodegenerative Diseases

CBD oil can aid the prevention of poisonous effects of extreme types of oxygen as well as brain neurotransmitter glutamate. Based on this, CBD oil can ensure brain cells protection. Vitamin C and Vitamin E, both of which are often recommended for brain protection because of their antioxidant, have lower antioxidant activity compared to CBD.

Furthermore, CBD oil can ensure the protection of the cells in your brain from substances that are harmful such as beta-amyloid toxicity.

Current studies include Alzheimers, Memory Loss, Mitochondria, Head Injuries and more.

Helps to Prevent and Cure Seizures

It is possible for CBD to help in the prevention of seizures. If you are a victim or you know a victim of seizures, you can recommend CBD oil to them. Regular usage of CBD oil will lead to a significant reduction in how frequently they experience seizures.

Furthermore, when CBD oil is used to treat kids that suffer from seizure, they would enjoy better sleep, enhanced alertness as well as a better mood.

An extensive study published in 2017, states the usage of CBD oil.

Reduction of Anxiety

There are many things in the world that can easily push us to the edge with fear, worry, and anxiety. Being anxious has resulted in a lot of people making mistakes, some of which were very serious and even fatal. If you are looking for something that can help you reduce anxiety without side effects, then you should use CBD oil.

A lot of studies have shown that individuals who utilized the product suffered from lower levels of discomfort when they were giving a speech in public. This makes it a nice product for people who have stage fright and have to address an audience. THC triggered anxiety can also be reduced by using CBD oil.

Pain Reliever

It has been recommended by a lot of researchers that chronic or persistent pain can be treated with CBD. This has been one of the major reasons why many cities and countries are relaxing the laws around the planting and usage of marijuana. From several experiments that were carried out on rodents towards finding out if they were relieved from pain when CBD was used on them, positive results were recorded. 

There was a significant reduction in chronic inflammation and neuropathic pain in rodents. Furthermore, the use of Cannabidiol alongside THC can aid in the treatment of pain resulting from several types of conditions including sclerosis, cancer, and arthritis among others.

Nausea Reliever

Based on several pieces of research by experts including the British Pharmacological Society, it has been discovered that patients suffering from nausea can get relieved when they are treated with CBD oil. It was concluded by the researchers that the CBD oil can aid in the reduction of nausea and vomiting that was caused as a result of drug abuse. When it is to be used for the treatment of nausea and vomiting, it is important to use only a small quantity of oil.

Helps those Suffering from withdrawal symptoms from smoking and drugs

It has also been shown that CBD oil is a great product for those that are trying to withdraw from smoking and other drugs such as opioids. The CBD oil assists by reducing their urge for the products, while also helping them to cure withdrawal symptoms. The CBD oil has, therefore, been very instrumental for a lot of people who wanted to stop smoking.

A study from Addictive Behaviours found that CBD was effective for reducing smokers, with a similar review for the usage of opioids.

Want £800 per year? Ditch the cigarettes

If you have recently quit smoking or considering this, then there has been a recent report from The Sun Newspaper outlining that vapers can save up to £800 per year compared to smoking traditional cigarettes.

It sounds like a lot, but it adds up every week you smoke.

Buy yourself a box and see how much you can save.

Invest in a good e-cigarette kit such as the Aspire K3 or Smok Priv V8 device and some quality e-liquid!

Vaping age limit?

When it comes to vape, the novelty behind the devices is great when it comes to quitting smoking or tasting some great flavours. A recent study done in the USA sent in underage decoys to see how effective the age limit is at stopping underage vaping.

They found that more than half of the stores accepted a sale to the underage decoys. CNN reports on the topic.

In the UK, it’s recommended that sale of vape or nicotine products should not be sold to those under the age of 18 however the ‘Under 25’ principle is used to ensure that customers are of legal age.

What do you think can be done to stop the sale of vape supplies to underage people? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Smok Stick V8 Review

The Smok Stick V8 is a really small packaged starter kit. It is a pen-style e-cigarette which is extremely portable. You can easily put it in your pocket and carry it around anywhere you go. It’s a very lightweight unit and would not cause any irritation in your palm and pocket. Its box is small but rather full of stuff you love. 

In the box you will find;

  • Smok Stick itself along with two coils.
  • The Baby m2 core 0.15 ohms coil comes pre-installed within the tank top. Another spare coil, baby m2 core 0.25 ohms of resistance is also included in the packaging.
  • You will also find a Smok Baby tank which provides you with a juice holding capacity of 5ml.
  • The glass tank is beautifully designed and looks good on the top of the kit itself.
  • There is also a user manual available for any instructions or guidance that you might need in getting around with the kit.


It offers a really small package which your fingers can hold quite easily without feeling any strain or pressure. The stainless steel body provides a rather premium look and gives you a sense of authority while holding it. It shares the same coil design with the Smok baby beast tank and can use its coils interchangeably without having to face any trouble. On the front of the stick, you will find a round power button which is rather beautifully designed. There is an LED light indicator around the button. To turn the device on you press the button five times and the LED light will blink three times to indicate that the device has turned on. 

To turn it off you press the power button three times again. The LED will blink again to indicate that the stick is now turned off. The battery on the kit is a pre-installed one and cannot be replaced. Actually, you can think of the kit as a battery itself as the shape of it is quite like a standard 18650mm battery. The battery has a storage capacity of 3000mah and can provide a discharge rate of 20 amps. The battery has enough capacity to provide you some good time. You will not be running to charge this beautiful module every couple of hours.

There are, however, no options to adjust any settings as there is only one button available on the whole module. The tank top is made of glass and gives off a really authentic look. The design of the glass tank top provides you with the option to adjust the airflow according to your liking by spinning it around. The refill process of the tank is also very easy. Its swivelling design provides you with easy access to refill port. You swivel it around to reveal the refill port which is hidden beneath the top lid of the tank. Once refilled you swivel it back to close and power the kit up to enjoy the vaping.


  • The stick style module has a round power button on the side top which provides easy on and off process. 
  • There is also an LED indicator enveloping the button, which is to say going around it, to let you know if the device has turned on or off when you press it. 
  • On the backside of it, you will find a micro USB port which allows recharging the battery.
  • There is also an LED indicator beneath the port. Which turns on to indicate the charging process of the kit.
  • You also have an atomizer at the bottom of the liquid baby tank which you can customize to your taste.


  • The device is really small and thin which makes it highly portable and mobile.
  • There is only one button which can be used to turn on or turn off the device so you don’t have to deal with any complex operations to use it.
  • The kit is sturdy as it is a metal body and has quite a strong feel to it.
  • A long charge with 3500mah battery.


  • If put in the pocket, it can automatically turn on which can cause irritation.
  • And if you are one of those people who hate fingerprints on the kit then you will find yourself cleaning the kit very often as this thing is a fingerprint magnet thanks to its metallic design.

Battery specification:

The battery is irreplaceable on the kit. It offers a capacity of 3500mah and is rechargeable with a micro USB cable.


The Smok stick v8 is rather like a plug and play device. It’s really simple and easy to use. So if you are a beginner or an expert in e-smoking, you will love stick v8 for its portability and good vapour production.

If you are looking for something more powerful, then I recommend the Smok Mag Grip or Smok Alien Kits which can get up to 225W.

Aspire K3 Kit Review

The Aspire K3 starter kit is a pen-style e-cigarette. This kit is aimed towards the people who are just beginning in the e-smoking and don’t want to go deep into the technical stuff of wattage or temperature or resistance control. This product is for rather on the go people who just lift it and use it wherever they go.


  • The product has a very simple packaging. The product is available in two different colours which is black and pink. You can choose the one you like. 
  • Upon opening of the box, you will get an Aspire K3 starter kit, an extra coil, a user manual and a warranty card. 
  • Since this is a pen-style simple kit the battery is a built-in. It has a capacity of 1200mAh. 
  • The kit comes with two coils. Which are both 1.8 ohms of resistance. Out of those one comes pre-installed inside the tank. The change process of the coil inside the tank is really simple. 


  • The kit has the dimensions of 84mm x 18mm diameter. It has an internal battery of 1200mah capacity. 
  • The battery is of 16500 type and can give an output voltage of 5.4 volts. It can also provide an output current of 3 amperes. 
  • The suitable or recommended coil range for the kit is from 1.5 ohms to 1.8 ohms. The battery has an output wattage range of 9 watts to 13 watts.
  • The black tank comes with the black kit. And if you buy the pink kit you will receive with it the silver tank. The tank is a small pyrex made tank which is sturdy and reliable and offers durability. The capacity to hold the juice inside of the tank is 2ml. The tank structure has the dimensions of 55mm of length and 18mm in diameter. The recommended operating voltage for the juice tank is from 4.2 volts to 5 volts.
  • The tank has a preinstalled resistance of 1.8 ohms which is also in the suitable coil range for the kit. The connection on the tank is a 510 thread to fit on top of the kit. Both the coils that you receive with the kit are of 1.8 ohms resistance.

Battery Specs

The Aspire K3 kit comes with a built-in battery which offers a charge storage capacity of 1200mAh. The type of the battery is 16500 model.


  • The unit kit is really sleek and thin for easy handling. It is also ultra-light on the hands and can be held in the hands without any trouble. 
  • Since there is no other setting to adjust the wattage or temperature on the kit, it becomes really simple to use and any starter can pick it up and use it without any difficulty. 
  • The kit itself has low maintenance.


  • The battery of the kit is not replaceable. 
  • Because of no control on wattage or temperature, you don’t get the extra benefit of control over the device.


This device is a perfect option for someone who is really new to the e-cigarettes. It can also be helpful for those who are looking to get rid of conventional tobacco smoking because of its damaging nature. If you are any of those people, you can easily get the kit and use it.

Aspire is one of the most popular brands when it comes to vaping, aside from the K3, there are the Aspire Speeder, K4 Kit which is the last upgrade in the K series, and the desired Aspire Zelos Kit.

Smok Priv V8 Review

The SMOK Priv V8 is a very simple direct lung inhaling vaping mod from SMOK Tech. It is ideal for people who want to replace Hookah (Shisha) with something else and still be able to enjoy the amazing flavours. The SMOK Priv V8 has a small size and is very light in weight. The SMOK Priv V8 has standard settings and you cannot be able to change them to suit your specifications.


  • The box mod is very slim and has a large fire button
  • The Priv V8 is very light and quite compact, it will not swell in your pockets when putting inside. This might be a big advantage if you want to bring it to work. It might also be favourable for the women and girls who would want to use it discreetly.
  • It has a sliding airflow system that will give you a reasonable amount if you want it. 
  • The Priv V8 has a sliding door for as the battery cover
  • It has Low Resistance Protection and Short Circuit Protection to prevent any damages from occurring in the device and to make it last for a very long time.
  • The SMOK Baby Beast has a top fill design
  • The Baby Beast has a Larger Heating Air Tube to increase the Airflow and make it more efficient to the user.


  • The SMOK Priv V8 comes in 15 colour options. There are multi-coloured vapes for those who love bright things and matte ones for those more reserved. 
  • The Priv V8 comes with a TFV8 baby tank which can fill 3ml. This mod cannot be adjusted so you cannot use mouth-to-lung tanks with it. This mod might damage and burn the MTL coils.
  • It comes with a V8 Baby-M2 0.24 Ohm coil that is pre-installed and another spare one. 
  • It is 24.5mm in Diameter
  • It has a hidden fire button at the side
  • The Priv V8 is made from Zinc and Alloy
  • The Priv V8 has a Micro USB charging port where you can power up the device.
  • The SMOK Priv V8 kit comes with the mod, the Baby Beast Tank, the Coil Atomizer, a replacement glass, one Micro USB Cable and one set of Spare Parts.


SMOK Priv V8 has a battery that can be removed and recharged if it happens to run out of power. The battery has up to 60 W. This means that it can last the whole day. You will not be able to know if the battery is about to run out but there is an LED system that lets you know when the battery is fully charged. The batteries are not included and are sold separately. The battery life may depend on the amount you spend on the batteries. 


  • It is very portable and discreet because of its slim and lightweight design
  • There is a wide range of colours to choose from and most colours are aesthetically pleasing
  • It is a simple device with few controls and is user-friendly
  • The Baby Beast Tank will not break easily because it’s made from strong Pyrex glass and stainless steel.
  • It is calibrated to offer a good sub-ohm vaping experience without needing user input


  • It is difficult to change the airflow system because it is stiff and difficult to move
  • You cannot be able to adjust any settings to fit your needs because the standard settings cannot be changed.
  • The drip-tip may get a bit hot after prolonged use
  • You cannot be able to change the level of wattage or power so you may not be able to get the full vaping experience that you wanted.
  • The coils may not last long.


This is a great product for people who want to start using sub-ohm vapes. It is very portable and convenient for someone who may want to travel with it as a second device. This device is also suitable for people who want to transition from smoking to vaping and want a simple device they can quickly learn to use. It is also highly recommended for people who want a hassle-free vape they can take from place to place.

You will be able to get the full experience of good vapour and flavour as long as the battery is fully charged.

There are many top Smok products including the Smok Nord Kit, Mag Grip, Smok Stick V8 and Smok Alien.

Vaping is more likely to help smokers

Within recent years, the rise of vapers across the World has increased and is suspected to continue to do so, mostly due to the preferred health and expense savings compared to traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is undoubtedly 10X better for health than smoking cigarettes, with many reports suggesting there be up to 400 times fewer chemicals and toxins found in vape juice smoke, and 95% less harmful. It leaves us asking the question, why are we still smoking?

Throughout the years, there have been numerous advances in technology and medicines to help in smoking cessation such as pills, patches, hypnosis, consultations and support groups but quitting can be so hard.

The truth of the matter is, that when it comes to the bodies organs and bodily functions, the real results of both can be seen in the Youtube video below.

Since e-cigarettes came to market, there has been much debate around the topic from top health officials, governments and cancer researchers – enabling a much greater debate into the effectiveness of e-cigarettes and their usage.

Now since years have passed, there are more studies been carried out from officials and doctors to see the long-term effects of vaping but it’s no question that vaping most definitely helps smokers quit, and prevent relapses.


Hello everyone, I am looking forward to meeting you in our future articles and features. On the site we look to give you the best information regarding e-cigarette kits, mods, accessories and vape juice!

With hundreds of products available on the market, we’ll be giving you the lowdown on some of the best products available.